look back tou the german-israeli Youthexchange OUT 2010...

Day 1

After we arrived in Tel Aviv we stared our journey through the Holy Land. Our first stop was Haifa, where we lived in a hostel. Some of us went to the beach, but most of us were exhausted from the long day.

day 2

We had to wake up early because we had a meeting with Hannah. She is the boss of Dialog that is our Israeli partnership organization. Hannah told us something about her past live and what she is doing at Dialog. In the afternoon our group went to the German colony in Haifa. We also found the Bahai Garden which is very nice. After a typical Israeli lunch we went back to the hostel to meet Michael. He was our guide for the next couple of days. We made a seminar about the history of Israel. During the meeting Michael had an idea to invite us to a synagogue for evening. For most of us it was the first time to be in a Jewish institution. That was our last evening in Haifa and we went to the sea to go swimming for the first time this year.

day 3

Early in the morning we went to the Mount of Beatitudes. Micha (our guide) told us that we will have a nice view. But it was a little bit foggy so we couldn't see a lot. Then we walked down to the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes in Tabgha. After that we visited Capernaum and there was the church of Petrus' mother-in-law. And... then... "we went over the Jordan"...! Afterwards we wanted to eat something in Tiberias, but everything was closed because of Shabbat. So we had to eat in an Israeli-McDonalds (we don't remember the name of the restaurant but it was fast food). Our last sight for this day was the Dead Sea. Swimming was so funny. And we took a lot of pictures. At least we went to our unbelievable beautiful youth hostel near Masada.

day 4

Long we waited for the rising sun at half past seven. And we waited... and waited... and waited...and we went back again into our beds. Dov (our guide for this day) came and we took the cable car to Massada. It was hot but windy and we had a good view. Before we went to Yad Vashem (the biggest holocaust memorial in the world), we drove to the Valley of the Communities. Both of them were very interesting and emotional. Arrived in our nice hotel, called Jerusalem Tower, we had time to go shopping... And we bought a lot.

day 5

We started our day with a small tour of the Old Town of Jerusalem. Our first stop was at the Mount of Olives, where we had a great view over parts of the city. Starting in the Jewish quarter, we went to the central square of Jerusalem, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. From there we went on the ordeal of Christ to the Church of the Resurrection. Then we had free time at the bazaar. After our great shopping-tour we went back to the bus and started our way to Herzliyya where we saw our host families at the first time. After a friendly and confusing greeting, everyone went in his family. It was Erev Pessach, the evening before Passover. On this evening the Jews read out the history of the exodus from Egypt, the Haggadah. After this we had a great traditional dinner.

day 6

We went to the Beach of Herzliyya and there we had a wonderful day, with bathing, playing and sun bathing. In the evening we went at Pazit's home and there we had a little party with sushi and a movie.

day 7

We visited Tel-Aviv and Jaffo. We started our tour in front of the city hall where Yitzak Rabin was killed by an ultra-orthodox jew in 1995. Afterwards we wanted to visit the Carmel Market, the largest Bazar of the city. But there was a long way to go. So we had some time to take a look at a big shopping mall and to talk to the Israeli students. When we finally arrived at the Carmel market we separated into some small groups. After having entered the Bazaar everybody quickly noticed that the market square was way too crowded to buy something and to watch the pickpockets contemporarily. Anyway, empowered by Falafel and Shawerma we continued to walk to Jaffo. The path led along the impressive beach which was surrounded by the skyline of Tel Aviv at the left side and the blue Mediteranian Sea at the right side. After a short spare time at the center of Jaffo we went back to Herzliyya by bus. At the evening we all met at the house of Noa and Tamar to play some games together. Due to a family event we had to leave pretty early. Nevertheless it was a day with lots of new impressions.

day 8

The last day - a typical day for family activities in Israel - started with a walk in a national park. At this very hot day the sweating group walked seven kilometres around fields, forests and through plantages. Afterwards we visited Zikhron Jaakov, an old Russian settlement, and enjoyed an exciting, spectacular and totally crowded music festival. Etai, one of the Israeli students, explained the historical background of the town and everyone listened to him carefully. After the trip the Germans packed their suitcases and said good bye to their exchange families. At the night the whole group met at Danny's place to reflect the last days. We talked about the things, that worked well during the exchange and the things that could be improved. At three o'clock the bus arrived and it was time to say goodbye to the Israeli friends. After the emotional moments the Germans went by bus to the Ben Gurion Airport of Tel Aviv. After a too long stay at the Check-in we had a four-hour-flight back to Berlin (very tired, full of impressions and hoping to come back someday).